In one year I should be finished

Do you know the feeling when you get an idea and you must immediately do it? It happened to me several times, last one was previous Sunday. I was actually searching on the internet for some pattern of crochet hearts. It is wonderful, how search after one thing will lead you to another fantastic idea. At least for me, discovery of African Flower was like discovery of America for Columbus. It wasn’t until few minutes of further search when I realized that it definitely isn’t something new, and that some great-grand mother somewhere would laugh at me right now. I am not sure if it is because I am a woman, I really love flowers and I was immediately decided to make a blanket out of these. I had just one small problem. I had no yarn and no bigger crocheting hook. And it was Sunday. Most of the shops except the big shopping malls are closed, especially those where I usually made my shopping. Thank god I remembered about one which in fact was in a shopping center and was open on Sunday! In two hours I was back home with all what I needed and could start on my project.

One week passed now and I have 44 flowers made. Not enough for a blanket, that I am sure…So keep fingers crossed for me and with your moral support, I will be able to finish this before next Christmas.


2 Comments to “In one year I should be finished”

  1. I know the feeling :)) I just discovered the african flower a few minutes ago and I am hooked 😛 Can’t wait to begin crochetting them.. First I have to finish my Granny Square scarf though I would rather just begin with the african flower..They are truly beautifull! Good luck, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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