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February 22, 2012

Looking back at the beginnings

Now I experience something new. A new beginning. This whole blogging stuff is a new area for me. It made me to think about the times, when I discovered one of my favorite hobbies.

It is not that long time ago when I fell in love with sewing. It was sometime in 2010 when I finally bought the sewing machine. And since then, with shorter or longer breaks, I am using it. My first project was a quilt or patchwork blanket ( not actually sure if there is some difference between quilting and patchwork ). You may think it is crazy to start directly with a big project, but I am not easy on myself, I set challenging targets.  I don’t have any picture to share, so I am posting here some pictures of another one of my projects from starting period. I wanted to do something crazy, forget about brown and blue and all these settled combinations. I said to myself, let’s be little wild, let’s do something unusual.

At that time, I discovered some US sites which were selling fabrics. I like most Fat Quarter Shop or Hawthorne Threads. Dollar was low, it was great opportunity to shop abroad… and as to the shopping, I don’t like to miss a chance to buy something. So I bought two fat quarter bundles with 12 fabrics, some matching fabric for the back of the blanket and I got crazy. I call this quilt Windows. And there is no brown or beige. It is just pink, green and grey. It is optimistic and energizing quilt. I hope the lady who bought it from me is enjoying it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I am sorry that I don’t have better pictures, at that time I didn’t plan to show it to broader public. I will need to improve my photography skills now, when I will blog it all.

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