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March 23, 2012

Simply splendid spring

It seems like with the official first spring day also real spring came to Prague! Temperatures sometimes reach even 20 degrees celsius and you can really feel the change in the air. You can smell it and feel that it is simply warmer. The sun charges your batteries, it was about the time, after the winter! It is wonderful! I love this season. I love the tulips, typical spring flower. I love the blossomed trees, I feel like energy and optimism is again filling my soul. Suddenly I feel more creative and more active. How many things which I was postponing for weeks did I manage to do in last days, it is unbelievable! Sun wakes me up naturally and it is still light when I am going from work! Well, there is nothing else to add. Spring is the top season for me! I hope everyone who is reading this will get some of the energy and inspiration from me!

March 16, 2012

…you know the mothers…

Six months ago I bought a flat. A small dining table and two chairs was all furniture left in it. With help of friends, I painted all walls and covered the ugly PVC floors with carpets. It was my dream to have colors in the rooms, so I have now green in living room, violet in bedroom and dark blue/beige in study. I lived like this for several months, sleeping on air mattress until I saved some money and was able to buy a bed and some drawers, sofa and small living room table. I discovered that it is actually all what I need to function properly, so now I am not in hurry to buy the rest of furniture. Maybe just a bookshelf for the books which are still in the boxes in study would be good. So that will be the next thing. But why I am telling you this? Because of the curtains.

Since I don’t like blinds, I decided to have nice curtains in all rooms. I was shocked when I discovered how expensive the interior fabrics are and was looking for something I liked and was not too expensive at the same time for several weeks in different shops. This week I finally made a purchase. Nice plane, creamy fabric, nice shadow of champagne, little shiny. Now I am collecting the courage to sew them by myself. I don’t want to damage such expensive fabric. I want to sew them by using the pleat tape and I have never done it before… I think it cannot be that difficult, but I always have worries – what if there is some secret trick to it? So what is the first thing I usually make when I am not sure how to do something? I study. Where? I look at youtube! Now, cleverer than before, I plan to sew them this weekend. And when I am at it, I probably should also wash the windows. Easter is coming, so it would be nice to let the sun shining in, but the main reason is that with Easter also my mum plans to come to visit…and I am sure that she will not see the nice curtains, but the dirty windows…you know the mothers…

Edited 23. March 2012
I managed! I posted this a week ago and not only I washed the windows. I made the curtains too! And if only for one room, but yesterday I made some also for the study! I can hardly say that it was my favourite thing to do…handling, measuring and cutting such a huge pieces of fabric is not always fun, but I am one experience richer.

March 10, 2012

Raw edges applique tutorial

So here is my new tutorial about raw edges applique. You can find many videos on the internet, especially youtube… I actually learned many things from youtube videos. So let’s start.

You will need fusible web/interlining, fabric, scissors, iron and of course your sewing machine. 
Best  interfacing for applique is with glue on both sides, where one is covered by a paper which can be later peeled off like from a sticker. If you have just the interfacing without the peel off paper, it is also possible, but more difficult. I have just this one, so I used it in this tutorial… In this method the edges can by time get little frayed, depending also on the fabric you use and density the stitch. Sometime you might want to get this effect.

1/Cut a piece of fabric big enough from which you want the shape and also a piece of interfacing.

2/I put a baking paper under the both layers and iron them on. If you have interfacing with the paper on one side, you don’t need this. I just didn’t want it to iron on the ironing board.

3/Transfer your pattern on the fabric and cut out. I used normal pencil and drew the flower on the interlining. If you have the peel off one, it will be even more visible for you. The good thing is that you don’t need to worry about the marks staying on your fabric.

4/Now iron the pattern well on the background fabric.

5/ And the last step – sew it around with zigzag or any other decorative stitch you like. I selected middle density of the stitch, you can choose different one as you like. The more dense it is, the less will be the edges frayed after some using and washing.

So that’s it! It is really simple, and the beautiful things you can make by this technique! I think this will be base for a pillow cover, let’s see.
Good luck with your applique!

March 4, 2012

Dancing house quilt

This is my newest project I am working on now. It will be smaller 140×170 cm blanket, for kids to play or for picnics. It is good that I didn’t need to do any shopping for the main part, I found some remaining beige fabric from my previous projects and also some strips of green fabric.

For long time I wanted to try the appliqué technique and this was a good occasion.  I had some iron-on interlining that is important element for appliqué. It can be done in different ways, depending what final effect you want o get. I will try to prepare a tutorial on this soon, so check out the tutorial section!

I sewed together wider stripes of beige fabric for the base and on that I prepared few appliqué pieces in form of frames or windows of different size. I placed them randomly ( or it might seem that it is random, in reality I was rearranging it for several times ) and then carefully ironed on the base. Like that it should be fixated enough for sewing. Now, to make sure everything stays together I need to sew it around the windows with zigzag stitch.

When I looked at the blanket, it immediately resembled to me one building which is in Prague, called Dancing house. The name got stuck with it, so now I will have dancing house blanket….

Here is a picture of my ongoing work.

 And also pictures of the real dancing house, so that you can compare. It is actually one of my favorite modern buildings here in Prague. It was designed in ’90 by architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry on vacant plot close to the river. It was originally called also Ginger and Fred after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, because the two towers resemble figures of two dancers. On the roof is a French restaurant so don’t hesitate to visit it when coming to Prague. There is beautiful view directly on Prague castle from there.

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