Simply splendid spring

It seems like with the official first spring day also real spring came to Prague! Temperatures sometimes reach even 20 degrees celsius and you can really feel the change in the air. You can smell it and feel that it is simply warmer. The sun charges your batteries, it was about the time, after the winter! It is wonderful! I love this season. I love the tulips, typical spring flower. I love the blossomed trees, I feel like energy and optimism is again filling my soul. Suddenly I feel more creative and more active. How many things which I was postponing for weeks did I manage to do in last days, it is unbelievable! Sun wakes me up naturally and it is still light when I am going from work! Well, there is nothing else to add. Spring is the top season for me! I hope everyone who is reading this will get some of the energy and inspiration from me!


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