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May 29, 2012

My Tatty Teddy cross stitch

I don’t have TV and I don’t mind. I think I would never read so many books and do so many creative things, if I just watched TV all the evenings. However, when I go to my mom’s house for Christmas or for other occasions, I sit in front of it all the time. Well, at least for Christmas I have an excuse there are the best fairy tales and romantic movies in there during this time. But even when I sit on sofa and watch romances, I need to do something with my hands. My favourite Christmas thing is cross stitching. During Christmas 2010 I started this project and continued during Christmas 2011. I was nearly finished, so last week, I decided, I won’t wait for next Christmas and I will do it now. So I found some DVDs with nice movies, and I finished. So what is it actually? Friends of tatty teddy. Maybe you know the little grey bear with blue nose – he is so cute, I absolutely love him. I found on internet a cute picture of his friends and I immediately liked it. I put it in my cross stitching software and this is the result. I think I will make a nice pillow and give it to some friend who will have baby. 


Shame that my computer crushed in meantime and I lost the software (called Artopic) and now I cannot find it on internet and I was not able to find any free cross stitching software for converting pictures into cross stitch pattern. So I would like to ask you to tell me in comment if you know about something I could use!


May 19, 2012

Customized candle holder

I am a candle lover. They make a completely different atmosphere in the room in the evening. Romantic and relaxing. It is nice to lit few when taking bath – who haven’t tried yet? I bought few from IKEA- they are called Tindra and after you use the candle, you will have a nice glass. I tried to convert them to a beads candle holder. It looks pretty nice, so I decided to share the idea with you.

First I chose few matching colors of the smallest beads I found. I found my clear window color old newspapers over which I was making the whole wonder and of course, I cleaned my glass from IKEA. Naturally you will be able to do this with any kind of glass container.

First, I put quite thick layer of the clear window color on a quarter of the glass. I spread it little with finger. Then I took the beads and sprinkled them on the places where I wanted. Be careful, if you put way too much of the window color on the glass, the beads will glide on it too much- because they are too heavy for the liquid. If too little, they won’t stick. That’s also reason why you need to buy the tiniest beads you find. I recommend to make it slowly quarter by quarter. Be patient. After you are done with the beads, let the color dry and after that put another layer of the color on the whole thing. It is to fixate the beads better. If you don’t, some beads may fall off the candle holder as you will hold and handle it with hands. So, here is my creation, good luck with yours!


May 12, 2012

Teddy bear prototype

Last weekend I found on internet very cute crocheted teddy bears, mouses and bunnies – the cutest toys ever. The original ones are called amigurumi – japanese miniature crocheted animals. So, like it is typical for me, I looked up some educative videos on youtube, searched some patterns and inspiration and next day went to buy some nice yarn. It took me two evenings and my first crocheted toy looks like this.this is my first crochetted teddy bear

I think for first time it is quite nice, but I have to make few more to get it in hand and they will become cuter. I guess bigger feet and not that round head…what do you think? Any suggestions? Does anyone know where to find some nice free patterns? Please share!

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