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June 24, 2012

Celebrating 50

No, I haven’t forgotten my little blog although I haven’t written in some time. I had few days off to visit my family and celebrate my mother’s 50th birthday.

Celebration of 50 is a big deal in my place. We were nearly 30 people there and we baked cakes for two weeks and prepared finger food for two days. Thank God I came home just three days before the party, so I avoided the major work and cleaning. But anyway the three days were a work camp. One of my aunts which has some kind of control freak syndrome, had to do or oversee everything what was going on. In the end she got such a high pressure and nausea that we needed to call an ambulance to give her infusion. Well, I can’t say I was bored. But all the work paid out in the end, I met some family members I haven’t seen for almost ten years. Also the weather was great, so I managed to get little tanned. I visited also my dad who got a puppy of golden retriever named Aro and he is so cute!

So after entertaining the guests, visiting friends and family I returned back to Prague, checked on my growing bonsai tree, and started a new project. Pot holders in shape of leaves. I got inspired by Ayumi. I hope I will be able to share some pictures soon.  Just waiting for some essential supplies to finish!

June 3, 2012

Drawstring lunch bag

I wanted to try something new this weekend and I am very satisfied with the result. Comparing to classic drawstring bag this one has practical ear to hold on and the sides are made stronger by thin but strong interfacing.
But it still has the advantage of the drawstring bag. I can imagine it can be used for kid’s slippers, as lunch bag, for herbs, or onions to store in the kitchen cupboard.

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