Celebrating 50

No, I haven’t forgotten my little blog although I haven’t written in some time. I had few days off to visit my family and celebrate my mother’s 50th birthday.

Celebration of 50 is a big deal in my place. We were nearly 30 people there and we baked cakes for two weeks and prepared finger food for two days. Thank God I came home just three days before the party, so I avoided the major work and cleaning. But anyway the three days were a work camp. One of my aunts which has some kind of control freak syndrome, had to do or oversee everything what was going on. In the end she got such a high pressure and nausea that we needed to call an ambulance to give her infusion. Well, I can’t say I was bored. But all the work paid out in the end, I met some family members I haven’t seen for almost ten years. Also the weather was great, so I managed to get little tanned. I visited also my dad who got a puppy of golden retriever named Aro and he is so cute!

So after entertaining the guests, visiting friends and family I returned back to Prague, checked on my growing bonsai tree, and started a new project. Pot holders in shape of leaves. I got inspired by Ayumi. I hope I will be able to share some pictures soon.  Just waiting for some essential supplies to finish!


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