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July 28, 2012

Do you have some scraps you don’t need?

Has anyone of you, who sew patchwork things ever heard this question? I have. Many times. And I always had to laugh. People obviously don’t have right picture about patchworking. It is about sewing small pieces of fabric together. And what are scraps? Small pieces of fabric. On the internet are so many wonderful pictures of projects made out of fabric scraps. Last Sunday I was playing around with my fabrics, just waiting for some idea to kick in. Many friends around me have small kids now, and I wanted to make a baby blanket for long time. And when I saw the variety of colors,  I thought, let’s just make simple blocks and finally make it. So I did. I finished yesterday and here is the picture. I am just sad that I don’t have a machine with which I could quilt it nicely, but maybe with time.  For now I need to be satisfied with this:

July 28, 2012

Leaf pot holder

When I spotted the leaf pot holder on Ayumi’s blog, I knew that is my next project. During past few days I made these two pairs. I particularly like the green one. I put there also a lawyer of heat-resistant fabric to isolate the heat better, so they are not only pretty, but also practical. I am just little sad that the magnets which I used, although they are quite big are not able to hold the pot holder on vertical surface. They are too heavy for them. Well, I will hopefully make some more from the scraps, but first I need to finish the order of two drawstring lunch bags which I got from a colleague.

July 20, 2012

Vacations full of beads

I am trying to enjoy the summer by taking some time off work. I was few days in Slovakia and on my way back to Prague I took with me my little sister Andi. She is staying with me this week and she is crazy about jewellery like any nine years old girl. It is quite tough task to keep a kid entertained (I don’t have TV) the whole day, so what we did was just shopping beads and making some earrings and bracelets. I haven’t done it for some time, but I am glad to report that I have not forgotten. So here I share some of our creations. Mostly Andi was the designer and I was the manual force and advisor. We didn’t do anything big, so that she can wear it. Not really everything is for small girls. so don’t expect anything astonishing. Anyway, I am proud of every piece I made, so here we go. And maybe with time I will photograph and display also some of my older stuff.




July 1, 2012

Mobile phone cover

This weekend is exceptionally hot. I am just sitting and trying not to move much, cool my body with ice cream, cold beer, anything what has ice in it and it is not helping… Today I go to the swimming pool and I don’t get out of the water until the sun sets. Before I leave my living room I wanted to share another project of mine – covers for mobile phones. Some time ago I bought a new mobile phone with touch screen. When I was checking the covers, I was astonished by the price, so I told myself that it is not anything what I couldn’t do by myself. So I made one and then another one for my friend, then some more again… unfortunately I haven’t made pictures of my original creations, but here are some of those I sew yesterday. They are made of wool fabric and inside is thin but quite strong interfacing ( In czech called ronopast, not sure about english name).

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