Mobile phone cover

This weekend is exceptionally hot. I am just sitting and trying not to move much, cool my body with ice cream, cold beer, anything what has ice in it and it is not helping… Today I go to the swimming pool and I don’t get out of the water until the sun sets. Before I leave my living room I wanted to share another project of mine – covers for mobile phones. Some time ago I bought a new mobile phone with touch screen. When I was checking the covers, I was astonished by the price, so I told myself that it is not anything what I couldn’t do by myself. So I made one and then another one for my friend, then some more again… unfortunately I haven’t made pictures of my original creations, but here are some of those I sew yesterday. They are made of wool fabric and inside is thin but quite strong interfacing ( In czech called ronopast, not sure about english name).


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