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August 19, 2012

Pleated roses pillow case

I am addicted to Pinterest- if anyone doesn’t know it yet, make sure you check out the webpage. Great source of inspiration. I found there link to a tutorial how to make interesting pleated pillow case. Well, I fought a little with the pleats, stung myself with pins, but I think the result is nice. Here is the original post in case you want to try. And here is my latest creation, kind of nostalgic/romantic pillow.

August 17, 2012

Tatty Teddy pillow case

Cross stitch is my favourite technique of embroidery. Usually I cross stitch when I am at home in Slovakia during Christmas and watch fairy tales (moment – haven’t I mentioned it already once?). Anyway, I made this one two or maybe even three years ago. I discovered him again recently and I told myself that I shouldn’t let him just hide in the cupboard. So I made a pillowcase out of it. I hope it will bring joy to some kid, or a fan of the bear with blue nose.

August 5, 2012

What I’ve been up to lately

In July I celebrated my 29th birthday. My nice colleagues guessed exactly what makes me most happy and they gave me voucher to a local fabric shop. I bought these beauties there:

Few days after that a friend ordered from me two drawstring bags. She wants to give them as a present to her friends, so Iitwas really great coincidence that I had these in my drawer! And here are the bags.

But I haven’t finished yet. Just today I made these baskets, maybe I will use them for my yarn or some sewing supplies. Although as to design it would be most suitable to put my tea there…well, let’s see.

And to finish the weekend with great news – I got a call from the furniture shop that my livingroom furniture which I ordered arrived! So my living room won’t consist  only of a couch and a coffee table anymore! Now just get it!

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