What I’ve been up to lately

In July I celebrated my 29th birthday. My nice colleagues guessed exactly what makes me most happy and they gave me voucher to a local fabric shop. I bought these beauties there:

Few days after that a friend ordered from me two drawstring bags. She wants to give them as a present to her friends, so Iitwas really great coincidence that I had these in my drawer! And here are the bags.

But I haven’t finished yet. Just today I made these baskets, maybe I will use them for my yarn or some sewing supplies. Although as to design it would be most suitable to put my tea there…well, let’s see.

And to finish the weekend with great news – I got a call from the furniture shop that my livingroom furniture which I ordered arrived! So my living room won’t consist  only of a couch and a coffee table anymore! Now just get it!


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