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September 20, 2012

My new shop!

It took me long evenings surfing on the internet, researching, until I finally got the courage to open my own etsy shop. So feel free to drop by when you have time, I am making place in my cupboards for new projects!

September 2, 2012

Feeling energized and the ideas are just flowing through my head

I love the feeling which I have right now. A lot of energy and the ideas are just flowing through my head, I am not able to draw and cut and sew so fast! Few days ago I gave present to  myself – Christmas is still far and I already had birthday, so I can’t expect anything from anyone  – I bought these nice fabrics from designer Holly Holderman collection Penelope.

Aren’t they beautiful? Well I am a flowers person… I drew few designs of placemats I could make. I really couldn’t decide, I didn’t make them too patchworkish, because on two of the fabrics is the pattern quite large and it wouldn’t be seen on small pieces. So finally I chose one option. I hope you like it. I made six of them:

And because I just don’t have enough, I made also a nice 112×40 cm table runner:

Would you say it is enough for one weekend? Well, I am quite satisfied with myself, however, I  just had my coffee break and it is only 3:35 pm- and I just have these ideas flowing in my head…

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