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October 14, 2012

Pinwheel quilt – Part I.

I found some remaining fabric pieces from my previous projects. And because I haven’t done a quilt in a long time, I decided to make one out of them. This time I decided to try the pinwheel block. It is not difficult, but while doing it I found out that in the middle of the pinwheel are always too many layers of fabric. Although I pressed it as well as I could, I am little worried how will that work while quilting it… Here is a small preview. I like how the colors go from dark red through light shades of red and blue to dark blue. It will be size of a lap quilt.

For now I made the front, I am not sure if I will baste and quilt it now, or wait for my new sewing machine. I am thinking about buying a Janome Horizon or Janome MC 6600. Not sure which one – it doesn’t let me sleep… So if you are using either of them,  I would appreciate any advice!

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