Christmas mug rugs – feel the Christmas coming!

Two weeks ago the weather surprised us all in Prague. Snow in October? Well, not that usual. I was travelling home visiting my family in quite light jacket and sneakers. Then I wake up on Sunday morning and what? Am I still dreaming? Is it white outside? Well it was not nightmare, it was true. I must say I don’t like winter. I am cold hater. I would better sweat the whole day that being in cold one hour. In winter I am switching to “bear mode”, I would just get in my hole and sleep and sleep. I don’t like that it is dark when I wake up and that it is dark when I go from work. So as you see, I am the winter-hater.I like just few things about the winter season:

1- Christmas markets
2- When it snows and the fresh snow is holding onto the branches of the trees and it all looks like from a fairy tale (I am inside drinking punch or hot wine)
3- Christmas baking
4- Shining Christmas tree
5- Christmas sour cabbage soup

So despite my negative approach to Christmas, there are few things to be liked. If you don’t go last-minute Christmas shopping for presents, I think it is possible to survive.

Last weekend I got into the Christmas mood. I was sewing from a festive fabric designed by Anni Downs, collection’s name is Christmastime. The panel in this collections is just gorgeous. So cute I couldn’t help it! I made few of these mug rugs, or bigger coasters if you wish. They are available also for sale in my ETSY SHOP. It made me feel the Christmas coming.


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