I don’t actually remember when I started to sew. Well if I don’t count sewing for my dolls from very early age. My aunt, who lived with us when I was little, is seamstress. She had a sewing machine and as soon as I reached the pedal I was using it too. I bet she wasn’t very happy about it…back then, we had very old sewing machine, not the electric one. I remember the band falling off the wheels and pedal all the time. Then she bought the electric machine and that was something!  

I bought my own machine Lucznik Zofia in January 2010. Not very expensive and easy to use. I learned a lot with this machine, and it worked during past few years without a problem. But my sewing skills increased and so did my expectations from the machine. I was looking for a replacement over six months, considering Pfaff or Janome, something good for quilting and patchwork. This month I finally purchased Janome Horizon. Today it has arrived. I am so excited!!! Can’t wait to try free motion quilting, or applique, I plan to bring my products to higher level! So let’s see. Hopefully with time I will post some review in here. I am going to try on the walking foot soon – as this week I plan to quilt my pin wheel red -blue quilt. So cross your fingers for me!


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