New challenges

After long searching, I finally found a new job. I am quite excited, because I will use there again German, which I neglected in past years. My last day at work was quite emotional. I was leaving after 8 years, and when I look around me, when my peers are changing jobs nearly every year, I think 8 years at the same company deserves to be called loyalty. Unfortunatelly I didn’t feel the excitement and wasn’t able to find challenges anymore, so I decided to leave. Well, I have nice memories, I found there some good friends and role models. Now, I am excited and worried at the same time, how my life will look like in the new company. To reward myself, I ordered some nice fabrics from US, they always make me happy, firstly, I got two fat quarters from Northcott Fabrics- Mulberry Lane. I plan to make nice applique quilt from them.


And then also fat quarter from Timeless Treasures Fabrics – Ophelia. I am waiting for inspiration to strike as to this one, but I can easily imagine nice modern pillows out of them.


And because I have 2 weeks off between jobs, I was able to do some sewing already and made these coasters from Le Petit Bistro collection – Wilmington Prints.



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