Penny my Russian Blue cat

This weekend it was two months since I brought home my kitten Penny. She is Russian Blue breed. She was 5 months at the beginning of November. And how is the life with a cat? Well, I think I take it worse than she, when I have to go to work and leave her. She is welcomming me when I am comming back and likes to be carried around on my shoulder. I try to be disciplined and don’t let her sleep with me in the bedroom, it is working well so far, just in the morning she is impatient and waking me up. My furniture is surviving, just sofa has some signs of her claws, but I expected worse, to be honest. Otherwise it is fun and nice to have a pet in the house. Of course, sometimes she upsets me, and is naughty beast, but mostly she is the cutest and sweetest thing. Here are few pictures. She has very soft fur, and when she becomes adult, her eyes will get completely green.

Why should she rest in her bed, when she can rest on my pillow from Dubai?

Russian Blue cat

Warm place to sleep.

Russian Blue cat

I am hiding here! Let’s play.

Russian Blue cat


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