New Year

In Slovakia, we have a saying. I am not sure, if it can exactly be translated to English, but it could be like: How on New Year’s day, so the whole year. Meaning that how you spend the first day of the year, signalize how will you be spending the rest of it.

So I decided to write this post, because I would like to blog more next year. I started in 2012 and I must admit, I thougt I will be publishing posts more often, especially tutorials. So I hope, I will do so this year.

My life is work, exams and with it connected studying.I sew very often, but blog about it very little. Some may think, blogging is fast and easy (so did I) and doesn’t take much time. But these people are not writting a craft blog. Those who do, understand. You must make photos, download and upload them, write it all…And that really takes time. So let’s see and fingers crossed.

Today I also finished two baby blankets. Here are the pictures, both are made from scraps.


Squares in the circle


Scrap baby quilt

This one- also baby quilt, I finished in autumn, I like how colorful it is.


Squares in beige



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