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June 27, 2015

Half circle skirt

I have been playing with the thought to try to sew a skirt for some time already. Finally I did it. I found this easy half circle skirt pattern. I have fuller figure so I found the full circle skirt too much for me, but this is ideal. Because my waist is 107 cm, and the width of the fabric I found was max.150 cm, I had to add some hem at the bottom, because it would be really mini. I am little sorry that it couldn’t be from one piece. I am thinking to add some embelishment on the bottom, to bring the dark purple from the top part also down. Maybe next time I figure it out. I also had some problems to figure out how to finish up the zipper at the top hem, but I managed it somehow.

half circle skirt

November 16, 2014

Penny my Russian Blue cat

This weekend it was two months since I brought home my kitten Penny. She is Russian Blue breed. She was 5 months at the beginning of November. And how is the life with a cat? Well, I think I take it worse than she, when I have to go to work and leave her. She is welcomming me when I am comming back and likes to be carried around on my shoulder. I try to be disciplined and don’t let her sleep with me in the bedroom, it is working well so far, just in the morning she is impatient and waking me up. My furniture is surviving, just sofa has some signs of her claws, but I expected worse, to be honest. Otherwise it is fun and nice to have a pet in the house. Of course, sometimes she upsets me, and is naughty beast, but mostly she is the cutest and sweetest thing. Here are few pictures. She has very soft fur, and when she becomes adult, her eyes will get completely green.

Why should she rest in her bed, when she can rest on my pillow from Dubai?

Russian Blue cat

Warm place to sleep.

Russian Blue cat

I am hiding here! Let’s play.

Russian Blue cat

March 8, 2014

New challenges

After long searching, I finally found a new job. I am quite excited, because I will use there again German, which I neglected in past years. My last day at work was quite emotional. I was leaving after 8 years, and when I look around me, when my peers are changing jobs nearly every year, I think 8 years at the same company deserves to be called loyalty. Unfortunatelly I didn’t feel the excitement and wasn’t able to find challenges anymore, so I decided to leave. Well, I have nice memories, I found there some good friends and role models. Now, I am excited and worried at the same time, how my life will look like in the new company. To reward myself, I ordered some nice fabrics from US, they always make me happy, firstly, I got two fat quarters from Northcott Fabrics- Mulberry Lane. I plan to make nice applique quilt from them.


And then also fat quarter from Timeless Treasures Fabrics – Ophelia. I am waiting for inspiration to strike as to this one, but I can easily imagine nice modern pillows out of them.


And because I have 2 weeks off between jobs, I was able to do some sewing already and made these coasters from Le Petit Bistro collection – Wilmington Prints.


August 20, 2013

Sewing week continues

My sewing week continues with these tote bags and experimentation with applique. It is not the first time that I did applique, but this time i sew around the edges with the quilting foot, that’s why it is so shaky, or how to call it…

Hope you like it!

applique tote bag applique tote bag applique tote bag



December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

There are only few days to Christmas, not much time left for completing the Christmas shopping and baking. I visited Christmas market, drank mulled wine, ate gingerbread, enjoyed all the Christmas decoration in the city. I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, the vacation could begin already! I look forward to visiting my family and to the traditional Christmas Eve dinner! So before I go to my hometown, I wanted to write this one more post, to wish you all, who visit my blog very merry Christmas, spent in peaceful and loving atmosphere with your families, relax and charge your batteries for New Year! See you next year!

November 23, 2012


I don’t actually remember when I started to sew. Well if I don’t count sewing for my dolls from very early age. My aunt, who lived with us when I was little, is seamstress. She had a sewing machine and as soon as I reached the pedal I was using it too. I bet she wasn’t very happy about it…back then, we had very old sewing machine, not the electric one. I remember the band falling off the wheels and pedal all the time. Then she bought the electric machine and that was something!  

I bought my own machine Lucznik Zofia in January 2010. Not very expensive and easy to use. I learned a lot with this machine, and it worked during past few years without a problem. But my sewing skills increased and so did my expectations from the machine. I was looking for a replacement over six months, considering Pfaff or Janome, something good for quilting and patchwork. This month I finally purchased Janome Horizon. Today it has arrived. I am so excited!!! Can’t wait to try free motion quilting, or applique, I plan to bring my products to higher level! So let’s see. Hopefully with time I will post some review in here. I am going to try on the walking foot soon – as this week I plan to quilt my pin wheel red -blue quilt. So cross your fingers for me!

September 20, 2012

My new shop!

It took me long evenings surfing on the internet, researching, until I finally got the courage to open my own etsy shop. So feel free to drop by when you have time, I am making place in my cupboards for new projects!

June 24, 2012

Celebrating 50

No, I haven’t forgotten my little blog although I haven’t written in some time. I had few days off to visit my family and celebrate my mother’s 50th birthday.

Celebration of 50 is a big deal in my place. We were nearly 30 people there and we baked cakes for two weeks and prepared finger food for two days. Thank God I came home just three days before the party, so I avoided the major work and cleaning. But anyway the three days were a work camp. One of my aunts which has some kind of control freak syndrome, had to do or oversee everything what was going on. In the end she got such a high pressure and nausea that we needed to call an ambulance to give her infusion. Well, I can’t say I was bored. But all the work paid out in the end, I met some family members I haven’t seen for almost ten years. Also the weather was great, so I managed to get little tanned. I visited also my dad who got a puppy of golden retriever named Aro and he is so cute!

So after entertaining the guests, visiting friends and family I returned back to Prague, checked on my growing bonsai tree, and started a new project. Pot holders in shape of leaves. I got inspired by Ayumi. I hope I will be able to share some pictures soon.  Just waiting for some essential supplies to finish!

March 23, 2012

Simply splendid spring

It seems like with the official first spring day also real spring came to Prague! Temperatures sometimes reach even 20 degrees celsius and you can really feel the change in the air. You can smell it and feel that it is simply warmer. The sun charges your batteries, it was about the time, after the winter! It is wonderful! I love this season. I love the tulips, typical spring flower. I love the blossomed trees, I feel like energy and optimism is again filling my soul. Suddenly I feel more creative and more active. How many things which I was postponing for weeks did I manage to do in last days, it is unbelievable! Sun wakes me up naturally and it is still light when I am going from work! Well, there is nothing else to add. Spring is the top season for me! I hope everyone who is reading this will get some of the energy and inspiration from me!

February 19, 2012

Let’s do this!

It took me some time, but finally I got the courage to start blogging. Now I just need to figure out the technical side, hopefully won’t atke too long. I have always thought that I have good technical skills, so let’s prove it now!

I would like to share here my passion about different crafts and maybe inspire someone else to start doing someting similar. You can read little more about me in the About page. I am looking  forward to your visits and comments.

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