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February 28, 2015

Baby quilts

Last month or two I had sewing fewer. In december I had after exams and although I have not passed one of them, I like the feeling of relieve, that now, at least for few months until next semester starts, I have a lot of free time and I can do whatever I want. Naturally I started sewing like crazy. Among other things I made two baby quilts.

One with colorful wonky stars for my friend who had a baby boy in autumn. I really like it, it is colorful and so happy. Perhaps I could have put there more of the stars, but I think it is charming abyway.

Wonky stars

Wonky stars

In the second one, Double X and O design, I used scraps I had from two fat quarters I ordered few months ago. Well, I am not sure, if you can call it scrap, if you have a third of the fabric left, but anyway, here is it:

Double X and O

Double X and O

I like the quilting on this one.

August 17, 2013

Happy baby quilts

With my exam behind me and few months without the sewing mashine, I am now sewing like crazy. In few days I made these two baby quilts. I had a very colorful, bright and happy fat quarter pack.

The smaller one is 35×40″ (93x120cm) and is made mostly of 5″ squares and cuts from a panel here and there.

Domceky mensia (1)


And the second one is based on 6″ squares but I used many cuts from the panel, so it is more crazy and I juse sew it line by line without any actual design, I just knew the sice I wanted to end up with. So the final size is 36×47″ (89x102cm)


Domceky vacsia (1)


But enough with writing, let’s go to the sewing mashine!

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