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August 17, 2012

Tatty Teddy pillow case

Cross stitch is my favourite technique of embroidery. Usually I cross stitch when I am at home in Slovakia during Christmas and watch fairy tales (moment – haven’t I mentioned it already once?). Anyway, I made this one two or maybe even three years ago. I discovered him again recently and I told myself that I shouldn’t let him just hide in the cupboard. So I made a pillowcase out of it. I hope it will bring joy to some kid, or a fan of the bear with blue nose.

May 29, 2012

My Tatty Teddy cross stitch

I don’t have TV and I don’t mind. I think I would never read so many books and do so many creative things, if I just watched TV all the evenings. However, when I go to my mom’s house for Christmas or for other occasions, I sit in front of it all the time. Well, at least for Christmas I have an excuse there are the best fairy tales and romantic movies in there during this time. But even when I sit on sofa and watch romances, I need to do something with my hands. My favourite Christmas thing is cross stitching. During Christmas 2010 I started this project and continued during Christmas 2011. I was nearly finished, so last week, I decided, I won’t wait for next Christmas and I will do it now. So I found some DVDs with nice movies, and I finished. So what is it actually? Friends of tatty teddy. Maybe you know the little grey bear with blue nose – he is so cute, I absolutely love him. I found on internet a cute picture of his friends and I immediately liked it. I put it in my cross stitching software and this is the result. I think I will make a nice pillow and give it to some friend who will have baby. 


Shame that my computer crushed in meantime and I lost the software (called Artopic) and now I cannot find it on internet and I was not able to find any free cross stitching software for converting pictures into cross stitch pattern. So I would like to ask you to tell me in comment if you know about something I could use!


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