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January 23, 2014

Another patchwork blanket

I am posting this now, but I finished another patchwork blanket just before Christmas. It is the largest so far as to the size. It is for twin bed. I quiltet it on my Janome Horizon machine and I must say that I absolutelly love the walkign foot!

Next time I want to try some more difficult blocks, however I am not sure when I will have time to take on such a big project again.  I gave notice in my current job and I am starting in new company in March . I am excited and nervous at the same time. I hope it will be good for me. I am definitelly looking forward to it, but after 8 years in same company it is not that easy to leave. Well, this is a major change, but change I need. So please cross fingers for me!

Whimsicals fabric quilt

Whimsicals fabric quilt


July 28, 2012

Do you have some scraps you don’t need?

Has anyone of you, who sew patchwork things ever heard this question? I have. Many times. And I always had to laugh. People obviously don’t have right picture about patchworking. It is about sewing small pieces of fabric together. And what are scraps? Small pieces of fabric. On the internet are so many wonderful pictures of projects made out of fabric scraps. Last Sunday I was playing around with my fabrics, just waiting for some idea to kick in. Many friends around me have small kids now, and I wanted to make a baby blanket for long time. And when I saw the variety of colors,  I thought, let’s just make simple blocks and finally make it. So I did. I finished yesterday and here is the picture. I am just sad that I don’t have a machine with which I could quilt it nicely, but maybe with time.  For now I need to be satisfied with this:

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