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September 2, 2012

Feeling energized and the ideas are just flowing through my head

I love the feeling which I have right now. A lot of energy and the ideas are just flowing through my head, I am not able to draw and cut and sew so fast! Few days ago I gave present to  myself – Christmas is still far and I already had birthday, so I can’t expect anything from anyone  – I bought these nice fabrics from designer Holly Holderman collection Penelope.

Aren’t they beautiful? Well I am a flowers person… I drew few designs of placemats I could make. I really couldn’t decide, I didn’t make them too patchworkish, because on two of the fabrics is the pattern quite large and it wouldn’t be seen on small pieces. So finally I chose one option. I hope you like it. I made six of them:

And because I just don’t have enough, I made also a nice 112×40 cm table runner:

Would you say it is enough for one weekend? Well, I am quite satisfied with myself, however, I  just had my coffee break and it is only 3:35 pm- and I just have these ideas flowing in my head…

February 25, 2012

Country style placemats

Another one of things I love. Gentle and romantic floral patterns, pastel colors in country style. I wish I could have a house with huge windows, wooden floors, full of flowers, lots of cushions on the sofa, white kitchen with big massive wooden table in dining room. It is my dream. Who knows, maybe once it will become true. In one of my romantic idea attacks I decided to sew these placemats. I used creamy fabric with roses and light green checked one for the borders. Originally I wanted to use the roses fabric also for the bottom part, but it is too thin and I could see the patterns of the bottom layer through the top one. So in the end I decided to use just plain creamy fabric for the bottom part. It looks exactly how I imagined, now I need just the big wooden table.

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