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April 12, 2012

Curtains with pleating tape tutorial

In one of my previous posts I shared that I made my own curtains using the pleating tape, now I try to explain how. It is actually simpler, than I thought, I just don’t like handling these huge pieces of fabric.

1/When making curtains, the saying measure twice, sew once is more than appropriate.  Measure length of the pelmet on which you plan to hang the curtains. If it is for example 4 meters, you will need at least 6 meters wide fabric. If you had less, or even only 4, the pleats wouldn’t be visible. It is always written on the pleating tape that if you for example want have your final curtain wide 4 meters, you need 6 meters of fabric, because when you pull the strings, the pleating tape will shrink your curtains by certain amount.

2/When sure about the lengths, cut neatly and straight, I cut my fabric in 2 pieces to have one on each side of the window obviously…

3/Sew nice hem at both vertical sides of the curtain and then around the bottom.

4/Time to sew on the pleating tape. My curtains are supposed to be from the ceiling to the floor. My pelmet is 1 cm from the ceiling and bottom of the hooks on which the curtains will hang are 3 cm below. I needed to guess where approximately I should place the tape, so that the part with the loops is 3 cm from the top of the curtain. It is because I want the fabric to hide the hooks.

5/Place the tape on the face side of the fabric and pin it properly. Make sure you have on each side of the fabric around 10cm more tape, so that you can later fold it over the edge as on the picture.       

Where the edge of the pleating tape is, that will be the top of my curtain. It is the spot where my fingernail ends. So from there until the bottom of the fabric I wanted to have 263 cm, as my length must be from the pelmet to the floor. 

6/ Sew the tape on the fabric. Careful, each tape may be different as to in which places to sew. Ask for the instruction in the shop. I need to sew mine just around the edges, as close to them as possible. 

7/Now it is time to bend the tape around the corner as pictured in point 5. Don’t forget to pull out the strings, so that you don’t sew them inside the curtain.
So now looking from the back side of the fabric, you make two steps. First bend the tape around the edge.

Secondly, bend the top of the curtain along the top seam on the tape. If you were not sewing completely at the edge, watch out so that the tape is not visible from face side. You can see that by this I took care of the cut edges of the tape and they will be neatly done now.

8/Make the second seam at the other side of the tape…in my case where the tip of my fingernail is on the above picture.

Believe or not, it is finished. Now you just need to pull the strings to create the pleats, bind them properly and hang the curtains. Mines are hanging already!

March 16, 2012

…you know the mothers…

Six months ago I bought a flat. A small dining table and two chairs was all furniture left in it. With help of friends, I painted all walls and covered the ugly PVC floors with carpets. It was my dream to have colors in the rooms, so I have now green in living room, violet in bedroom and dark blue/beige in study. I lived like this for several months, sleeping on air mattress until I saved some money and was able to buy a bed and some drawers, sofa and small living room table. I discovered that it is actually all what I need to function properly, so now I am not in hurry to buy the rest of furniture. Maybe just a bookshelf for the books which are still in the boxes in study would be good. So that will be the next thing. But why I am telling you this? Because of the curtains.

Since I don’t like blinds, I decided to have nice curtains in all rooms. I was shocked when I discovered how expensive the interior fabrics are and was looking for something I liked and was not too expensive at the same time for several weeks in different shops. This week I finally made a purchase. Nice plane, creamy fabric, nice shadow of champagne, little shiny. Now I am collecting the courage to sew them by myself. I don’t want to damage such expensive fabric. I want to sew them by using the pleat tape and I have never done it before… I think it cannot be that difficult, but I always have worries – what if there is some secret trick to it? So what is the first thing I usually make when I am not sure how to do something? I study. Where? I look at youtube! Now, cleverer than before, I plan to sew them this weekend. And when I am at it, I probably should also wash the windows. Easter is coming, so it would be nice to let the sun shining in, but the main reason is that with Easter also my mum plans to come to visit…and I am sure that she will not see the nice curtains, but the dirty windows…you know the mothers…

Edited 23. March 2012
I managed! I posted this a week ago and not only I washed the windows. I made the curtains too! And if only for one room, but yesterday I made some also for the study! I can hardly say that it was my favourite thing to do…handling, measuring and cutting such a huge pieces of fabric is not always fun, but I am one experience richer.

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