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January 2, 2016

X and Plus Quilt tutorial

Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration for my next project. Althoug I said I am not going to do nything big anymore, I just can’t resist the idea of a queen size colorful X an plus quilt. Yes, there are many tutorials on the internet already, I am adding mine anyway.

First the materials.

You will need:

4x           5,5″ squares of the colorful fabric you want for your X’s. I like the idea of crazy colorful one, when each corner is different color, however I can imagine also a quilt od more shades of the same color can be very nice.

8x           3,5″ squares of the background fabric. I chose white for all my blocks, but I saw some pictures where more whites with some print were used, or grey and they were also nice

1x           2,5 x 6,5 strip of the color you want your center plus be
2x           2,5″ squares of the same color, for the center plus

4x           2,5 x 3,5 strips for the loger arms of the cross. I chose grey and shades of grey. From the pictures on the internet I realized I like more the quilts which have this part in shades of the same color, it somehow completes it, especially, if you choose the X’s to be wildly colorful like me.

If you make perfect job at cutting and sew with 1/4 inch seam, all the points in the middle, where X and plus meet, will match perfectly.

x plus block


First you sew the background squares to the 5,5″ squares as drawn on the picture and then cut off the corners and press. I am was pressing towards the center, as it was darker.

X plus block 2

Then I sew the 2,5″ squares to the 3.5″ grey strips and I sew the strips also to the ends of the 6,5″ long leg of the plus.


I connected the pieces on boths sides of the block and then these two halves together by the long strip in the middle.

X plus block progress

The finished block measures 12″ and it took me cutting including sewing 35-40 minutes. I must however admit, I am lousy with pressing, some parts I just “pressed” with my nails, but I always recommend pressing.

X plus block 3

finished X and plus block

I guess if you have all the plusses of the same color for whole quilt, you can speed up the process for exampe cutting 3,5 inch wide and as you wish long strip of the grey fabric and sew on it 2,5″ wide strip and after pressing just cut these in 2,5″ wide strips. This was however not my case, therefore this lenghty process.

Well, I have 4 blocks so far, 52 to go, I hope I will be able to share the picture of the finished quilt this year…


February 22, 2012

Looking back at the beginnings

Now I experience something new. A new beginning. This whole blogging stuff is a new area for me. It made me to think about the times, when I discovered one of my favorite hobbies.

It is not that long time ago when I fell in love with sewing. It was sometime in 2010 when I finally bought the sewing machine. And since then, with shorter or longer breaks, I am using it. My first project was a quilt or patchwork blanket ( not actually sure if there is some difference between quilting and patchwork ). You may think it is crazy to start directly with a big project, but I am not easy on myself, I set challenging targets.  I don’t have any picture to share, so I am posting here some pictures of another one of my projects from starting period. I wanted to do something crazy, forget about brown and blue and all these settled combinations. I said to myself, let’s be little wild, let’s do something unusual.

At that time, I discovered some US sites which were selling fabrics. I like most Fat Quarter Shop or Hawthorne Threads. Dollar was low, it was great opportunity to shop abroad… and as to the shopping, I don’t like to miss a chance to buy something. So I bought two fat quarter bundles with 12 fabrics, some matching fabric for the back of the blanket and I got crazy. I call this quilt Windows. And there is no brown or beige. It is just pink, green and grey. It is optimistic and energizing quilt. I hope the lady who bought it from me is enjoying it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I am sorry that I don’t have better pictures, at that time I didn’t plan to show it to broader public. I will need to improve my photography skills now, when I will blog it all.

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